My last writing of 2016.

A lie is a lie, even if it’s beautified. The days were filled with anxiety and fear, and I lost every minute of it over dunya. My getaways to Kuala Lumpur were the days that I will forever treasure and hope to relive again and again, because they keep me awake of the reality I’m in. People see the smiles I give, the laughters, and I believe everyone does the same too, but deep down we all keep the sadness that’s batting us down, one that brings us deeper into the depths of darkness. 

What is life?

I have lost, and I have lost too many times for the past few years. I have wasted my youth; I have wasted my life.

Time is life.

Faith. Life is about having faith in The One who created you. Faith is the common denominator that truly connects us all. I see life with clarity when I have certainty of the day I will meet Allah. But our hearts are always turning away from the reminders. I need life again. I need the life of the heart.

Give. This is all I can give. I cannot give what I do not have. I cannot give you love, for I haven’t learned how to love. No, it’s not the normal love that people yearn for. Anybody can do that. But this is a higher form of love. An eternal love, one that we are all learning. 

I’m sorry to anyone whom I might have hurt intentionally or unintentionally, be it spiritually, emotionally, or physically.

I’ll be away now. It’s not that I regularly update this blog anyway. 

I’ll see you around, if we ever meet again.