Honest conversations

As I lay on the bed with my father and my legs resting against the wall, honest conversations came about. I told him how I’ve worn myself out; fitness is no longer in my list of priorities. And then he said words that tell the reality I’m in. 

That sums up my life right now.


5 thoughts on “Honest conversations

    • ‘Sayang’ is a word which has multiple meanings. It has both positive and negative connotations. For example, a great opportunity arises but you were a second late to grab it. So you’ve wasted your chance to grab that opportunity. So we malays, or in southeast asia, particularly Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, would say ‘sayang’ because an opportunity is missed. We rue over it. The other meaning could be used for love, because when you love somebody, you would call him/her sayang. E.g., “Sayang, come here and sit with me!” or “Sayang dia” meaning “I love him or her.” That’s roughly how I’d describe it. It’s a very rich word and it’s been discussed extensively recently in language events and even books. So for my case, it’s more of a wasted opportunity because I used to be fit and healthy and now I’ve gained weight (Alhamdulillah Allah answered my dua’ when I was 12/13 and only now I’m gaining weight.) But it has its repercussions also; I led a sedentary lifestyle for two years and I didn’t utilize my potential. Thus I saw my downfall and it affected me badly.

      So, “sayang”.


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