Seeing life through eeman.

Sometimes we fall and we fail. But as for your faith, it is fragile. Take care and be aware of the emotions that are eating you up minute by minute, day by day. If it’s sadness you’re feeling, ask yourself why you are feeling sad. Sometimes we fail to realize that we are overdoing our sorrows, and it will eat you up. You’ll waste your days away and I don’t want that to happen to you. If it’s anger, then understand your anger, the cause and effect of it. Understanding our emotions helps a lot in making you a better person. Understanding yourself is key to navigating life’s challenges.

Before you solve the world’s problems, solve your eeman. We see life better, and I promise you this, when life is seen through Allah’s perspective; what does He want from me? Why must we follow the Messenger (Peace be upon him) ? How do we follow him (peace be upon him?

How did he deal with emotions? What was his reliance like upon Allah? Peace be upon him

As I write this, I am trying to decipher the ethics of life, the belief system that each one of us hold on to. The more I learn about Allah the more I understand of life’s hardships, how it really shapes one into becoming a better human being.

There are going to be moments where you’ll inevitably be hurt,  But that is measured. How do you want you life to turn out? Pondering on our existence and the power of choice we have,  I am left dumbfounded sometimes by the fact that we have so much power in our hands…not only to change the world, but to change ourselves.

Today, and I’ve learnt that time and health is our most precious commodity. I’ll never forget the people who look down on me, whether it be through their body language, the smirks, and the words that penetrated deep inside my heart, only to leave me dying, spiritually, mentally, emotionally….

but that calls for another post someday. I know what to write next.



2 thoughts on “Seeing life through eeman.

  1. I enjoyed looking through your posts. It appears you have grasped very paramount concepts engraved into Islam that become the light and guide to a beautiful life.
    Thank you for sharing — may your eeman only increase.

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