The people who look down on you.

They are usually those who can’t seem to achieve their dreams, so they decide to bring you down instead so as to make themselves feel good. These kind of people deserve nothing of your attention. They are simply called haters.

But of course, there are many more traits in the kinds of people who always seem to find an opportunity to bring you down. I’ve had my fair share, and from my experiences they have a common trait. Usually they’d use sarcasm, to make you feel worthless, incapable of achieving your dreams. Not only in words, but sometimes, subtly, in the facial expressions they portray. But usually the ones who give these smirks are those who doubt you can do it. The best revenge is simply to keep quiet and do your work, that work of a success you’ve been desiring.

I went for a job interview a few months back. It was near to my place, but far from the city.. It’s located in the industrial areas of Singapore – The West area. I have to admit, the moment I stepped out from the bus, I knew this job wasn’t for me. I was quite disturbed actually, knowing that one has to work in such places, well for me at least. I like things colourful, or at least a place that brings a good vibe around you. I’ve always hated industrial parks. I don’t feel I belong there anyway. But, because I needed a job, I decided to just, try you know?

The interview was a disaster. I couldn’t explain to them about myself, and I struggled throughout my interview. But one moment stick with me until now, and that was the moment they asked me what I wanted to become.

“A writer,” I said, giving it as a second answer. I forgot my other answer.

I could feel it. I could read from her face. She’s doubting my ability to become one.

But I could be assuming. But that day I brought back with me that scene, the scene of doubt that’s been playing my mind until today. It’s been months ever since the interview, and the fact that I’m writing about this tells a lot about how it has impacted me.

I know it’s a hard thing to become a writer, but that aside, there is a lesson in this. For far too many times, perhaps in our daily conversations with people, there will always be people who will doubt your abilities. But the truth is, they are not us; we are not them. They are not with us for the rest of our lives, they won’t be with you every minute of your life. The mistake that we make is that we’ve made their words into a belief, a belief that dictates us that we cannot be what we really want to be. And in this lies a great fallacy that we must abandon and destroy completely. You should never let anybody tell you that you cannot do the things you want to do. This is your life – you have the power to control it. You are responsible for the way you live and the way you decide things. No doubt when we were younger our parents would choose for us what’s best and what’s not. That is fine, but what if we help our child instead to learn to choose for themselves? Wouldn’t that be better? Giving them a sense of control for their own lives?

If you ever experience such people in your life, always remember, that the best revenge is simply working hard in silence for the dreams you want to live. There are many moments in my life which have stick with me throughout time. And unfortunately, these words of pessimism are the ones that are shaping me out without me realising it. There are many beliefs that I must destroy, and I always find it helpful when I take the time out to dismantle all my beliefs and question them, going into the details, finding the solution, and deleting the stupid beliefs away slowly, but most surely permanently from my life.

Before I end this, I recall a scene in The Pursuit of Happyness.

  And this…

 Emancipate yourself from mental slavery – Bob Marley


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