Heart break.

My heart’s in pain, and it’s been like this for the past few days, or even weeks. It’s not the aching one experiences when one is heartbroken; that, is a different story in and of itself. But I haven’t been able to breathe properly, and I’ve been releasing deep, heavy breaths. My right nostril is always clogged up, and my heavy breathings always annoys my family members, those who sit and stood by me long enough to take notice of this phenomenon.

I have bought my attire for exercise. I decided to grab another ball from Decathlon to keep my feet in shape. I am craving to play football, yearning to run again. I have brought my running shoes with me from my home. All that’s left is the empty slot in the day to have a good workout to keep my heart in shape. It’s made me wonder, what if, I die in my sleep, once my heart decides to take a break? Allah protect me from a bad death, but my friend’s colleague passed away in his sleep. A few weeks before his passing, he was running all around the futsal pitch, playing ball with us. To my observation, he was extremely fit; people spoke well of him, especially of his fitness. He would make running his routine. And to hear that sudden news was shocking. It could happen to me too. I don’t know if I’m prepared to meet Allah yet. I have a lot that needs rectification.

If He grants us another day, I hope He moves our heart to live a life of Alhamdulillah not just for the next day, but for the rest of our life until we meet Him. Aameen.


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