By the bay


Despite it being a small country, I love Singapore and the scenery it has to offer. But, I won’t let it disenchant me to the point where I will only see Singapore as the only country that has all the splendour and beauty of the Earth. I still have a lot of countries that I’d like to explore. Indonesia is beautiful. There are many things that surprised me, like the cold temperatures, the waterfalls, and best of all, the mountains. Yeah, I love Indonesia.

Kinda sad that it’s scaled down. I lost a memory of it due to my phone going into dysfunction. That’s why I’m back with Iphone. (heh Apple fanboy perhaps?)

This was one of the mountains. We were at Mount Ijen to experience the blue light volcano. I couldn’t really see the blue light because as we were getting to the bottom of the volcano the smokes and ashes were coming up and even with the help and assistance of the gas mask I was struggling for breath. But nevertheless, it was breathtaking, considering I got the once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the Milky Way with my naked eyes. Alhamdulillah.


Madakaripura Falls, just a few kilometres away from Mount Bromo. I was dumbstruck (is there such a word?) when I saw the beauty of nature. I remember I kept telling myself and perhaps Irfan that I’d never even think that such places exist in Asia! I am missing travelling.


Makes you wonder, Subhan’Allah, if this is paradise on Earth, then what about the eternal abode of Paradise? Jannahtul Firdaus. May Allah grant us all Jannahtul Firdaus!


The secret shore. This was an isolated beach. We had to ride our way through the jungle, and then walk down conscientiously to the beach….only to enjoy a…meh kind of beach you can get in Singapore. But, eventually we rested there and took naps. A lot of the photos were in my old phone….I should have written more about my travel experiences.

I’m regretting it more and more now.


I write today to remove the boredom that is killing me every day. But as I write this away, I find satisfaction, a contentment writing about my experiences. It really does distract me away from life’s trivialities. Alhamdulillah. No one might be reading this, except those Allah has Willed to visit my site and read them, but I’m going to keep writing no matter what now. You need to write just as you need to breathe, I remember telling myself that. More reading needs to be done though. I’m thinking of diving into Paul Theroux’s world. I love his titles and I can’t wait to hopefully get my hands on them. Hopefully, hopefully.

To more adventures ahead, Insya’Allah!



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