Well, it’s been a while. I’m here because my heart suddenly yearns to write. It’s that moment in time again where, I must admit and tell myself that I must be brave enough to chase my dreams. The fear to live is killing me, and I have to remove the barriers in my mind, the illusional lines that’s preventing me from moving forward.

Perhaps one day I will look back and tell myself how stupid I was to stop and stop and stop the things that I love to do for fear of not being able to sustain myself. Actually, it’s today. Language. The thing that I love so much but I’m scared to pursue. Poetry. The language of the heart, or so to say. Never settle for less.

I’m past all the things about love. I’m on neutral. I have reached a level in life where I’m able to see how stupid of me to chase people for love – that is, to me, a great crime for anyone to commit. These people that I chased; I’m thankful they’re not a part of my life. I couldn’t care less of their whereabouts and what they are doing right now. And I hope I never will and never have to.

For once, be brave enough to chase your dreams.

I’ll write to you soon of my life’s activities. To hold this name again; I don’t know. I need a better lens to see the world.


Till then.


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  1. Welcome back 😃. May this resumption bring much more benefit than your break did – though in time you may find that break was completely necessary. I look forward to continuing to follow your journey here.

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