Leaves me wandering and wondering…


I’m not as enthralled as when I’m connected with nature. Inside the woods and the calming stream of the waterfall lies a peace that is always pleasing to the ears, eyes, and ultimately, the soul. It’s invigorating.

A human being may see a leaf as it is – just another organism that is part of an orchestra that plays to the tune of the universe.

A believer in Allah sees a leaf as a sign of His Greatness – how He has perfectly designed its shape and size. It brought me to an insight which every believer should be aware of – Everything is measured. The universe has been created in perfect measurement, and everything happens for a reason. Everything is in order.

The deeper meanings of life, a treasure only the believer in Allah ‘Azza Wa Jal will truly cherish once He has found the true connection with Him alone – according to what He has prescribed for us.

Keep wandering, and keep wondering..


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